Vision & Mission


  1. To provide a strong curriculum leading to holistic learning atmosphere.
  2. To provide value based education. To equip the students with opportunities to grow confident, competent, credible, courteous, socially and morally conscious. To introduce steadfast environment to sharpen the communication skills.
  3. To develop research temper among the students through innovative methods. To bring out the latent talents of the students. To develop interpersonal and intra personal skills among the students leading to their bright future.
  4. To make the students sharpen their employability skills.
  5. To prepare the students for the future.
  6. To encourage the students to become budding entrepreneurs.


To be an exemplary institution providing globally competent programs and quality infrastructure that transform the women students into becoming a potential force endowed with a strong socio, economic and cultural foundation thus leading to National Integration and becoming future ready citizens equipped with social commitment.


  • Q- Quest for Excellence
  • U- Understanding the Concept
  • A- Action - Orientation
  • L- Learner - Centric approach
  • I- Innovation for change
  • T- Training to build Competencies
  • Y- Year round activity.