108 students of Department of Physics Visited NGRI with on Aug 21st. Different types of rocks were shown to the students and there was a power point presentation on Tsunami. Students have benefited a lot by knowing about Se is mometer and Electron microscope.


Students from III MPCs (Prathyusha & Shannu) actively participated in class room seminar on “Semi Conductor Physics”.
Ayesha and Mamatha from II MPCs gave class room seminar on “Optical fibers”.
II & III MPCs students enthusiastically participated in poster presentation on various topics such as
• Dr. A.P.J Kalam, Hiroshima Day, Dwarft planet.
• Sir C.V. Raman and Madam Curie.
• On “World’s Students Day” there was an excellent power point presentation on Dr. A.P.J Kalam’s life by Ayesha from II MPCs.
• A project report on applications of laser was submitted by II MPCs students K. Shirisha, SK. Ayesha, Ch. Pavani, Navya, Farheen. They collected lot of information on the usage of laser by visiting shopping mall, supermarket, and hospitals where Laser’s are widely used.
Students have actively participated and their efforts are worth appreciable. Department is planning to conduct compulsory Project work for every student from the next Academic year and award Certificates and grades.

Celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Sir. C.V. Raman & Lady Madam Curie, Prof. G. Prasad, Dept; of Physics, OU was invited. He spoke on “WHAT DO THE PHYSICISTS DO IN THEIR DAILY LIFE.” Various Competitions like PPT, Poster Presentation, Elocution, Model Preparation; The Winners were awarded certificates and prizes.
Physics - Annie Besant