Mathematics students of Annie Besant strive a lot to get maximum output of the subject.
Class room seminars were conducted frequently, students actively participated. Mathematics quiz was conducted in which 24 students participated to test their skills on mathematics.
On December 22nd, 2015, In memory of Srinivasa Ramanajan’s birthday was observed as Mathematics Day. On this occasion our students started the day with colorful Rangoli in Mathematics.
We also had a lecture by Prof.D.Satyanarayana on short cut methods which are useful for various competitive exams.

Our students actively participated in chart making exhibits, elocution, essay writing, power point presentations, speeches and beautiful Mathematics song was sung by students.
Organised Mathematics day on 20-12-2014 inviting Prof. Ramana Murthy, Head, Dept. of Mathematics, O.U., who delivered a lecture on “USE OF MATHEMATICS IN DAILY LIFE” Competitions were conducted on PPTs, Poster presentations, Models, Tressure hunt, Mathematics in Rangoli etc.
Maths Day Anni Besant